MED:ID is a dispensing system that identifies the user and distributes medicine according to individual prescriptions. The system consists of vertical pill containers, which are held shut by a door that is attached to a servomotor. Whenever a user scans his/hers unique RFID tag, the RFID reader sends out signals, in order to dispense the correct amount or type of pills for that specific user. The medicine tray has a proximity sensor, so that it would recognize when users are ready to receive their doses. Helpful in larger families, retirement homes etc. to automatize and assure the correct dosing of medicine for the individual resident.



The prototype was, as you can see, build with the LEGO Mindstorms kit. Even though the simplicity of the technology, the prototype was still working to a degree where the general user experience could be tested. The dispensing system was fairly simple, whereas the focus was more on the unique user identification through RFID. It was important for us in this project to be able to test several users and make sure they got the right type of medicine; Moreover the concept tries to make the machine work without any physical touch, so that bad hygiene could be limited.