Forestry project

The focus of this project, was to learn how to design for professional users. We were given a specific user group, who in their daily life works with heavy machinery in the forestry business.

Our final project consisted of a shared platform for both planners and operators in the forestry industry. The main focus was to design a system to help the stake holders communciate, why our focused was less on the aesthetics, hence they are presented through mock-ups.


Initial Research

Our initial research consisted of several user tests, observations and interviews, where we tested a big range of low fidelity prototypes.

These tests taught us, that there was a high cognitive load on today's operators. They had to perform highly complex tasks, while always staying aware of the environment they work in. We therefore saw multiple opportunities in exploring the current communication and how we could ease their cognitive load.


Concept Directions

From the research, we narrowed our ideas down to 3 concepts.

One looking idea was an assistant, who could help with the cognitive load of today's operators. The second idea was similar, but explored the use of AR to better navigate and position themselves in the landscape. Our third idea was focusing more on the seat and how that could help inform the user in important situations.


Planning Now

Currently the forestry industry use several devices and software to plan and monitor the harvesting, but they struggle to communicate complex information intuitively to one another.

Our challenge was then, to create a shared language across multiple devices, that both could make the process more accessible and efficient. 


Our Concept

For our concept, we focused on bringing the communication closer, while keeping the relevant stakeholder updated throughout the process. We intended to eliminate the current issues of having multiple devices, that hindered communication between the stakeholders.

Our final presentation consisted of a simple role play, showcasing the use of the collaborative platform from all of the stakeholders point-of-views. For this, we also developed a simple click prototype, which can be seen below.


Interactive Mockup