Personal Filter

The personal filter is unique to the individual user, and is in this example stored inside a personal ID card. It contains information on what the user likes, is allergic too and even what currency they prefer to use. With this information the Menu Card is then able to tailor the content for the user. 

Even though this prototype focuses on a menu card, the concept was proposed to be something bigger. It was a personal filter you could carry along with you and apply in many different scenarios. Directed advertisements, converted currency in stores etc.


Faked connectivity

For this concept, we really liked the idea of using a tablet. However, as this project was a spring with a very little time span, we had no time to learn how to an application for the iPad.

We then decided, to look into ways of faking the connection. For this we ended up using Team Viewer, so we simply could run a processing sketch on a laptop and screen share the GUI onto the iPad. After a bit of trial and error to get the screen sizes to fit,  we managed to get them aligned so it felt natural.

Pressing any button on the Arduino, would then trigger the GUI on the iPad.