Digital Mirror

This was my final BA project, where I in cooperation with 3 other students build a rough prototype of what we defined as a digital mirror. It was not a project that focused on aesthetics, but rather looked in the realm of user interactions and how this could be seen in the perspective of analog technologies.


In-situ design

The side kick of the project was an in-situ design method, that we discovered during out prototype sessions. Instead of prototyping in our own quiet lab, we decided to go into the context where this Digital Mirror was supposed to be set up, so that we could get live feedback from the users. A lot of user testing was conducted, some formal but mostly it was an ongoing process of users giving immediate responses. The final conclusion was a proposal for further studies, as we found several interesting topics regarding this digital artifact.



The project itself was a spin off from our winning concept proposed to the Roskilde_Create competition, which included an idea for a 10 meters tall interactive tower.